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Our Baby Girl's First Six Months!

I don't know how but our baby girl is already six months old!! So I figured to celebrate her half birthday I would make a blog post going over her last six months and showing some of the pictures we captured along the way.

Month one was definitely the hardest for me but also the greatest month because it's the month I became this sweet little girl's mom. It was a big adjustment going into motherhood. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right for her. I learned quickly though that it takes trial and error to figure out her needs and to just go with the flow and on her schedule. So I would just take it one day at a time and try to enjoy every second knowing she won't always be this little. That I would look back at this time and wish for it back. I can't believe already how fast time is going!!

Here are some images from her first month here earth side!

In the hospital announcing to everyone that she was here!

Some of her newborn photos.

Taking a nap in her chair.

Kinlee's 1st Valentine's Day!

Monthly photos.

And some cell phone pics from month one...

Last bump pic. (i had monitors on my stomach at this point, yes i had a big bump but not that big haha)

Daddy's girl!

A visit from Pop at the hospital.

A visit from Nana at the hospital.

First time meeting aunt Mara!

Meeting Gigi!

Leaving the hospital!

Meeting Uncle Quinten!

On our way to a Dr's appointment.

Meeting Uncle Eric!

Month two Kinlee was becoming a lot more alert and her little personality was starting to come through! With it being a cold winter month we didn't go on too many adventures just mostly stayed indoors snuggling!

Here are some pictures from two months...

Look at all that crazy hair!

Monthly photos

Here are some cell phone pictures...

Playing on her new play mat.

Hanging out with Aunt Becca!

A visit with Gigi!

First Target trip!

Month three Kinlee started changing more and more. She now started making cooing sounds and loves to talk away. This is also when she started a fake cough noise to get attention and would find it funny when someone ask her if she's okay! We got to explore outside a little more more!

Here are some pictures from month three...

I could watch her sleep so peacefully for hours!

Monthly photos

Here are some cell phone pics...

Meeting Aunt Aimee!

Watching tv with Lolli

On her first walk!

Kinlee hanging out with her great grandma!

Month four was a fun month with new developments like grabbing her feet and making different sounds! Kinlee also got to experience her first big holiday Easter. Got to celebrate mother's day this month thanks to having her in my life. We also attended Uncle Quinten's college graduation. So this month had more outings and meeting new people!

Here are some pictures from then...

Kinlee's first Easter!

Got to see Aunt Mara looking so beautiful before her prom! And of course wanted to match with her :)

Celebrated my first Mother's day thanks to this sweetie coming into my life!

Got to attend Uncle Quinten's college graduation! It didn't go too smoothly for this being her first big outing but overall she did well!

Monthly photos

Here are some cell phone pics...

Giving Uncle Quinten the lip haha

Another Target trip

Learning how to take selfies. She's got the lips down!

Meeting Mom-Mom

Month five Kinlee got to experience some more firsts. Like celebrating father's day and attending her first wedding. Which she did so good at! Kinlee had another big first trying her first food applesauce! She started doing ab exercises this month haha to get her core ready to crawl. Kinlee had a drs appointment this month and we found out that she is in the 98th percentile for height so we shall see if she stays that way she might be taller than both mom and dad haha. We also had some rough nights of sleep this month which leads to some big changes coming up for the next month!

Here are some pictures from this month...

Yumm applesauce!

I could get lost in those eyes!!

Celebrating daddy!

Monthly photos

Working on that core

Here are some cell phone pics from this month...

Kinlee with her buddy Jax

Kinlee attends her first wedding!

She had a blast!

Dancing the night away with Dad!

And now to finish off the blog with our last month. Well remember how I said before she wasn't sleeping too well which was going to lead to big changes coming... Miss Kinlee started sleeping in her crib! It was a hard transition for sure, probably a little harder on daddy haha. But we have been doing great! She still has some nights that she likes to wake up multiple times, ahh that 2am wake up is killer. But overall she's doing great! She's tried a couple different fruits and vegetable and has loved every single one of them! So hopefully she'll be like daddy and not a picky eater like me :) She made her first trip to New Jersey this month to meet some of her daddy's family including her great gram. Can't wait to see what the next six months has in store for little miss but I'm not trying to rush it cause these first six months have already gone by way too fast!

Here are some photos from this past month...

She loves going on walks!

First 4th of July!

Monthly photos

Here are some cell phone pics from the month...

Raise your hands if you love Target!

Meeting her great gram

My best friend!

Loves being outside

Trying carrots!

Such a big girl!!!

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