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New Name & New Studio

I'm so excited about all the new changes in my life, I recently got married in August to my best friend! I took his last name so I decided to change my business name to Deziree Rosenberg Photography. As if getting married wasn't enough of a big event for last year we also bought our first home in December!! Now this weekend we will be moving from Columbia, MD to Taneytown, MD, we are so excited for this new chapter of our lives! This also means that I will be leaving my job as a nanny of three boys who I became very close with since our new home is almost 2 hours away from my job. My husband and I talked about it and decided it's the perfect opportunity kind of a now or never situation to give 100% of my time to my photography business, something I've never done before. This defiantly makes me nervous and scared to make this huge jump to start a business in a town I've never even lived in. I know though if I don't put myself out there and give it my all I will look back and not only regret it but will never truly be happy in the job I would be in because my passion in life will always be to run my own photography business. I saw a perfect quote the other day that I feel came to me at a time I needed to see it "find a career you love and it will never feel like work" I've been blessed to have found that passion in life and to get a chance to make a career out of it, no turning back now!

I can't wait to start meeting and working with new families in the Taneytown area and be able to capture beautiful memories for them for years to come!!

So stay in touch follow me on Facebook & Instagram to see all the new changes coming for my business and to be able to see photos of my new studio coming soon!!!

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